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There is absolutely no industry where exceptional, personalized and capable client service is more essential than it is in real estate. There's usually a lot at stake in any real estate undertaking--regardless if it is a purchase or sale. In real estate, empathetic, patient customer service from a dedicated agent, supported by proven skills and experience is a prerequisite for success.

The Luxemark Difference sets us apart from most. It's not enough to just hear "great service" and the like. You need to know some specifics. Let's explore why we are different and what we do.

Respond Quickly. Speedy service is pretty much essential in real state. Timing can be everything. When a client calls an agent's cell we answer the phone. Just about anytime day or night. If a message must be left, you will not wait very long for a response. We make this our number #1 priority for all of our clients.

Anticipate client's needs--rather than just responding to them. When a client's needs and wishes are met before being expressed, that shows we care about the client as an individual and bring value to the relationship. May sound small, but it really is important.

Share information—the more the better. Empowering our clients comes from them knowing all the facts. We explain what they need to know and why, before they need it. It reduces a client's stress and takes away confusion. We never assume a client knows what is generally “common knowledge".

Truly partnering with our clients. Keeping a client's best interests in the forefront. Above all others. Above even our own. That's our mission statement and we take it more seriously than any other aspect of our service culture. There are no compromises in this area. None. You will have to search far and wide to hear any other Realtor tell you "that's too much to pay for it" or "don't buy this house" or the like that is truly in your best interests. But we will, if it fits our shared mission and goals.

We don't just benchmark our service level against the standards at other real estate firms. We raised our game. We benchmark ourselves against the best practices we can find in a variety of personal service-intensive businesses, because that's what our clients will do. We judge every client interaction based on expectations.

LUXEMARK is a highly-personalized, boutique real estate firm. It serves our client's every need in a highly-personalized service culture geared to accomplishing our shared mission and the client's ultimate goals. We embrace challenges and deliver results. To simplify a bit, depending on whether our client is selling or buying, the goal is "Sell It Quick and for Top Dollar" or "Find It and Buy It for Bottom Dollar".

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We serve Central Florida including:

The Butler Chain
Olde Towne
South West Orlando
The Sand Lake Chain
Dr. Phillips
& Many more lakefront communities.
Winter Garden
The Winter Park Chain
The Clermont Chain
& All luxury home communities.
New Construction Homes anywhere in FL
Disney Resort Areas
Condos & Townhouses
Single-Family Vacation
Condo Hotels
Orlando Golf Resorts
Areas We Serve
Paul Wadina skiing the Pocket Lake course


We get it because we do it. We know what lakefront buyer's want and need in a lakefront property--and why. Let us help you find your perfect lakefront paradise on the beautiful pristine waters of Central Florida lakes. And don't forget, these lakes have as much to offer anglers and their sport as they do watersports enthusiasts. These are true lifestyle properties. We have boats available to tour lakefront properties from the water for qualified Buyers.

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It's important. Contracts, addendums and other documents associated with a successful real estate transaction must be carefully crafted to prevent legal issues down the road. Knowing how to write it right the first time helps to avoid snags and issues as the transaction moves along. Knowing what to look for in other Realtor's documents is essential. Then there is the closing process which demands close monitoring and explicit performance. Our knowledge and experience will help safeguard your interests. Luxemark's Principal Broker has specialized skills and experience in these areas that very few Realtors can match.

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Real Estate is Complicated

A real estate transaction is no place to trust an inexperienced Broker or Agent. The modern day real estate transaction has many complex parts and processes that need to be carefully prepared, monitored and performed. If we see something that requires legal advice from a licensed attorney, we will know when to recommend that you consult one for a legal opinion. *No Realtor is permitted to give you legal advice. Only an attorney can do that.

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Closings Can Be Challenging

Though it may seem like a closing is a lot of complex work, its worth the time and effort to get things right without last minute hurrying and stress. It involves many steps and procedural formalities. A lengthy list of things has to happen--mostly in the proper order--before you can close. We will carefully guide you through the entire process keeping you safe and your best interests in the forefront.


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"We will keep your best interests in the forefront.
Ahead of all others. Ahead of our own.”

- Rick Brunsman Principal Broker