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Get Your Mortgage From the Builder's Lender?
Builder's sales reps at the builder's sales office might give you the impression that you have to use their lender. Can this be true? Not true. But, a builder can require that you be qualified by their lender, however you are free to get your mortgage from whomever you please.

A builder cannot advertise a sale price of $350,000 and raise the price to $360,000 if a buyer insists on using his own lender. That's not legal. However, offering inducements for you to use their lender is perfectly legal. For example, a builder can advertise a price of $350,000 and offer to pay closing costs or throw in upgrades if you use their lender. If you use your own lender, you likely will lose any of these types of incentives.



New Home vs. Resale: Which is Right for You?

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Orlando home building hit the highest levels in more than a decade in 2019, with construction crews starting work on nearly 29,000 single-family houses, townhomes and apartments, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Its all to keep up with the half-million people the region has added since 2009, an unemployment rate that has been less than 4 percent for nearly two years and rising prices for existing homes.

Obviously this is a market people want to live in.

While national home building hit a 10-year high in 2018, construction slowed at the end of the year because of higher interest rates. However, regions that are adding population such as Orlando are still thriving. The boom comes as a relief to some buyers, who want the low-maintenance lifestyle that comes with new construction but were scrambling to get spots in new subdivisions.

So, based on that reporting and the obvious positive economy, things are really in great shape. New homes are still a bit more expensive than existing ones, but the difference is narrowing quickly.

Are there more real advantages to buying new? Lets explore.

Lets skip the cliché, bulleted, agenda-driven selling points and stick to real facts.

For builders, fixed costs such as materials and labor make it hard to compete when prices are too low. Fact. Nationwide there is a shortage of about 300,000+ construction workers, from framers and roofers to electricians and masons. Also true. But, this area is one of the leaders in job growth so the real estate market for new homes looks as solid as a new concrete block home built under the new requirements!

The historical facts have proven every dollar you spend on rent is wasted once you make your monthly payment. When you buy a home, your monthly mortgage principal pays down your loan balance. If your home's value increases over time, you will have built up equity which means more money in your pocket the longer you own your home. That's true for a new home or a resale. Home ownership may also provide you a variety of tax benefits.

OK, here come the bullet points but without the agenda.

• Do you want a home that offers the latest in energy efficiency and design?

• And one that provides very limited maintenance demands possibly for years?
Low Maintenance? An advantage.

• Or, a previously owned home that may need fix-ups, paint jobs, or walls moved around to create the types of spaces that make sense today?

• There are a number of reasons you might prefer a resale house, even if it needs work.
For instance, you may have your heart set on moving to a specific neighborhood or a close-in suburb, where newly constructed houses are rare or not available.

• If you are a do-it-yourself aficionado and relish the opportunity to take an old house and transform it, make no mistake, that takes considerable time and money.

• Buy Your Dream Home Designed To Fit Your Lifestyle and Personal Tastes.
Why settle for someone else's choices when you can have your own.

• Choose a Floor Plan and Room Layout that Meets Your Needs.
Honestly, this is also possible with the right resale home.

• All New, Under Warranty. Energy and Cost Savings. Comfort and Indoor Air Quality.
Possibly a challenge in a resale, but not impossible.

• Community Amenities.

• Advanced Technology and Design.

• Safety.

• That New Home Feel. Sweet.

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