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A Realtor can negotiate with a Builder on your behalf for your purchase of a new home.
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Download Luxemark's Community Buyer Registration Form HERE

Your is the Same Price--Realtor or NOT Members of National Realtors Assn. Chart of Rebate Amount
Here's How to Get Your Rebate:

Step-1: Getting Started
Call US, email US or register online with Luxemark Realty:

Step-2: Begin Your New Home Search
We prefer to meet you at the community sales office when you first visit to register you in person... or, call us so that we can pre-register you with the builders you want to visit. However, if you visit a community without us, make sure you take a LuxemarkBuyer Registration Form” with you (download and print). Present it as soon as you arrive. If you also fill out an on-site registration card, mark the box for “Realtor or Broker”, and write "Luxemark Realty" in the space provided. When you've found your dream community or home, give your personal Luxemark Buyer's Realtor a call. We will help you and guide you through each remaining step of the process from thereon--negotiation to contract to closing.

Step-3: Signing Your Purchase Contract and Closing
When your purchase contract is written, ensure that Luxemark Realty is included as your Realtor / Broker. This is required so we can negotiate for you, monitor the whole transaction process for you, review your contract for you and also confirm with you that you were properly registered to receive your cash back rebate. We always like to be there with you in person when you sign your purchase contract and close.

DONE! CONGRATULATIONS! Receive your Rebate
Your rebate is finalized. Once the closing documents and the closing statement are signed and all the transaction funds are submitted and made available, you can expect your rebate at closing.

Download Luxemark's Community Buyer Registration Form HERE