This Historic Home Associated With Hollywood Legends Is a True Blockbuster

Up above Hollywood Boulevard, just a couple of blocks from the famed Sunset Strip, sits a stately Southern Colonial–style home with one of the most fascinating pedigrees in all of Los Angeles.

It was once owned by silent-film comedian Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, but it also played a key role in the seminal film “Rebel Without a Cause.” Yes, legendary actor James Dean spent time at this pace, and now you can too—it’s currently on the market for $3.8 million.

Built in 1912, it’s among L.A.’s oldest continually inhabited residences and has two ties to film history.

Arbuckle—who was one of the highest-paid screen stars of his time—wasn’t living in the home when he became embroiled in an infamous scandal and series of high-profile trials. He was later acquitted, but his career was kaput. He died in 1933, at the age of 46.

But the home truly stepped into the limelight when it served as a backdrop for Dean in the opening scene of “Rebel Without a Cause.” Painted white at the time, the house looms large over Dean, who played tortured teenager Jim Stark.

Dean improvised the scene, but would never see himself on the silver screen in the iconic role, as he died in a car crash a month before the film was released.

The home is now painted a trendy shade of taupe and features white pillars and trim. It’s been renovated several times over, but still maintains many original architectural features, including elaborate interior arches and columns, ornate nooks, leaded-glass windows, wrought-iron rails, crown molding, and French doors.

Living room and staircase Living room and staircase

It currently has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and measures 4,398 square feet. The open kitchen has an island and upholstered breakfast nook.

Kitchen with breakfast nook Kitchen with breakfast nook

The lushly landscaped yard features plenty of decking and built-in seating as well as a comfy veranda. There’s also a barbecue area and a pool.

Backyard pool Backyard pool

In addition, there’s a two-story guesthouse with a kitchenette and charming living area. The downstairs currently serves as a gym with a steam room.

Guesthouse Guesthouse

The property is adjacent to Wattles Park, a lush public space and mansion owned by the city that also oozes old Hollywood glamour, where cool events are often held.

All this and it’s within walking distance of Hollywood and Vine, Hollywood and Highland, and the new Netflix studios. You’ll be ready for your close-up the moment you move in!

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