This Colorful $1.6M Converted Church Could Start Your Airbnb Empire

If you’ve ever walked the halls of a chapel, you know there’s a serenity within the walls—even if you’re not particularly religious. You can bring that peace to your everyday life by purchasing this stunning four-bedroom, six-fireplace converted church for $1.6 million.

The conversion was underway when the current owner purchased the 6,000-square-foot property in Watsonville, CA, in 2001. She’s since perfected this pristine space, going beyond the superficial: The plumbing and electrical systems are up to date, and she’s meticulously documented all of her changes.

Signs of the home’s original purpose can still be found throughout the space. In one bathroom, a walk-in shower obscures the baptismal font (it’s certainly easier to not change the plumbing). And the living room was once the chapel; its soaring space now features stunning cross-hatched wood beams across the 40-foot ceiling, revealing the rafters. Skylights fill the gorgeous room with natural light, illuminating the numerous intimate seating arrangements.

Living space Living space

“It’s an unusual living room,” says listing agent Kasey Hinchman. “It’s just a cool, open, awesome space.”

The altar now holds an enormous TV and several comfy couches. There’s no better stage for a Super Bowl fiesta. Or karaoke. The acoustics are sure to wow you.

“When you play music or watch a movie, the sound is supposed to be incredible,” Hinchman says. “People have a lot of fun.”

While the home is suitable for a large family, entrepreneurs might find it inspiring as well. The seller attained “superhost” status on Airbnb by renting out part of the home to visitors from around the world.

“People appreciate niche places with character that are unique,” he says. “Visitors were thrilled to stay here.”

Study Study

Bedroom Bedroom

The home has an existing Airbnb permit through the City Council and is currently zoned as residential, but buyers won’t have too much difficulty changing that designation, Hinchman says.

Imagine the former chapel as a cavernous workshop or a quiet gallery—wouldn’t it be lovely?

If you love color, this home is a goldmine: The sedate mauve and tan exterior gives way to a color-wheel explosion inside. The study sports turquoise and maroon walls, and one bedroom is various shades of purple and pink. The kitchen also dishes up mint-green walls.

If all that color overwhelms your senses, don’t panic. There’s a patio enclosed between adobe walls with a beautifully renovated interior, an expansive flagstone walkway, and a hot tub. A vintage stone fountain provides a peaceful soundtrack to help you relax. Once you’ve closed the chevron-patterned wood gate, you couldn’t be blamed for closing your eyes and pretending you’re in Spain.

Outdoor space Outdoor space