The Property Brothers Find Something Creepy in the Ceiling: Can You Guess?

Do Jonathan and Drew Scott ever get a renovation that’s a breeze? Perhaps, but that wouldn’t be very riveting reality TV, would it? And the latest “Property Brothers” episode, titled “Renovation Therapy,” does not disappoint.

Everything seems fine at first. Nashville, TN–based couple Kat and Ryan have been living in Ryan’s 1,200-square-foot bachelor pad since they got married 10 years ago. Now, with two kids running around, they’re ready to buy something bigger, and they have $600,000 to spend on the home of their dreams.

As the Scotts get to work, they soon discover that this couple’s “dream house” is a bit of a nightmare—one that includes a very eerie discovery in the ceiling. Read on to learn what could be lurking above, and other lessons we learned this week!

A ‘cloffice’ is no way to work

Ryan is a project manager and occasionally works from home. Much to the Scotts’ horror, Ryan has a desk set up in the children’s closet, so he does work on his laptop with children’s clothes hanging overhead. High on the agenda for a new house is a designated office space for Ryan, so he doesn’t have to work in a “cloffice.” (Hey, did they just coin a new word?)

Home buyers should beware of lowballing too much

Kat and Ryan soon find the ideal home for $499,000. It’s been on the market for several months, so the brothers suspect it’s overpriced—and more realistically is worth between $450,000 and $475,000. So what do the couple do? They insist on a lowball offer of $430,000!

The sellers won’t even make a counteroffer and say goodbye, so the search continues. Eventually, Ryan and Kat go back to the original home, offering $450,000. The sellers counter at $475,000, and it’s a done deal. Kat and Ryan could have saved a lot of time and hassle by following Drew’s parameters in the first place.

Toss the Tiffany lamp

In the dining area of their new home hangs a Tiffany overhead lamp that Ryan thinks is attractive, and says he might like to keep. Jonathan puts the kibosh on that quickly, saying that no remnants of the 1980s have a place in their new modern farmhouse decor.

Save the appliances to save money

The kitchen has been redone and has relatively new finishes and appliances that are in good condition. Unfortunately the footprint was not expanded, so it’s very small, with hardly enough room to turn around. Jonathan plans to break down walls and build an island; to save on expenses, he includes some of the perfectly fine old appliances in the new design.

A kitchen island could weigh more than the floor supports. A kitchen island could weigh more than the floor supports.

Check under the kitchen island

Do you know how much an island with a solid countertop weighs? A lot of people don’t think about it, but Jonathan does. He goes into the crawl space under the kitchen and discovers that while the floor supports were up to code when the house was built, they will not hold up a heavy island. So he adds extra support. It doesn’t cost much, but makes a world of difference.

Roof leaks are really bad news

When Jonathan removes a ceiling fan, he notices its basin is full of liquid, and the blades are discolored yellow. He says he hopes that some animal was living in the ceiling and using that area for a toilet—which is seriously gross but still a better scenario than a leak in the roof, which would be very costly to fix.

While everyone crosses their fingers for a critter, Jonathan inspects the roof and finds that there is indeed a leak. It would be best to replace the entire roof now, rather than later, to the tune of $10,000! Kat and Ryan grin and bear it, and Jonathan tells them he’ll try to economize elsewhere.

Spruce up the fireplace on a budget

Jonathan had planned on building a marble fireplace, but by using a brick veneer rather than marble, he is able to save a whopping $6,000. And we must say it looks great!

Jonathan Scott designs and installs a simple brick fireplace. Jonathan Scott designs and installs a simple brick fireplace.

Check what lies beneath those built-ins before you rip them out

As for Ryan’s new office? He chooses the den, where there’s a built-in entertainment center along one wall with space for a TV. Ryan wants to rip it out rather than adapt it to his needs. Little does he know that the entertainment center was part of the original build, so when Ryan removes the bottom cupboards, he finds the wood flooring doesn’t extend beneath them. Yikes!

The upshot? Jonathan has to lace in new planks to mesh with the old ones in order to cover that strip, and it takes a lot of extra time and money. How much better would it have been for Ryan to have adapted those shelves to his new office needs?

Do the Scott brothers deliver?

After spending $475,000 to buy the home and $127,000 to renovate it, they go over their all-in budget by only $2,000.

Ryan is especially thrilled with his home office, and Kat is over the moon that Jonathan has given her plenty of storage space, with compartments for everything.

“This is a dream come true!” she cries. “We can’t thank you enough!”

“We are so blessed!” says Ryan.

And Jonathan and Drew are so relieved. As Drew notes, “After almost a decade of being cramped into a tiny, little bachelor pad, Kat, Ryan, and the kids can finally stretch out and settle into that family home they’ve always wanted.”

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