The Most Fabulous Homes for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Bunnies, and Beyond

Today is National Pet Day! In light of that, we thought we’d give you a gander into the wonderful world of extreme critter cribs.

Based on the gorgeous photos of Instagram, it’s crystal-clear that people love their pets so much, they will stop at nothing to give them the dynamic digs they feel their feathered and fur babies deserve.

Take a look at some of the most awesome animal abodes out there—perhaps they’ll inspire you to make a few upgrades for your own pets.

Midcentury modern for mutts

Why not have your pet decor match your people decor? This supercool doghouse from Ruff Housing Designs gives your pup something to play on, and provides shelter from the storm and sun.

This hedgehog house takes the cake

Hedgehogs are sweet enough on their own without the benefit of adorable accommodations, but these sumptuous digs are just delicious.

Beautiful birdhouse

OK, we admit it: We’re suckers for midcentury modern dwellings for any creature. This awesome aviary abode has room for food and shelter as well as a watering trough—and it’s extremely easy on the eyes.

Doubles as furniture

Why sit on the furniture when you can sit in the furniture? This lucky Shih Tzu gets to eat inside an end table, and sleep inside a specially outfitted bench. This custom furniture is also a great space saver.

Some bunny’s cozy

A cottontail teepee? Sure, why not? What better place for bunny buns? It’s soft, cozy, and calm inside, while stylish and sleek on the outside. You’d just have to make sure none of the elements is edible, because those little critters love to chew!

This little piggy went home

Why make a doghouse do double duty for your porcine pet when it can have a “piggery,” complete with pillow, to call its own?

Creepy-crawly cranium

This small-snake-infested skull may be a bit scary for some, but others would argue it’s head and shoulders above most other slithering stations in the well-appointed snake habitat.

For goats in all their glory

Since goats love to climb, a two-story goat mansion, with plenty of steps and ramps, plus an observation porch, provides these happy hoofers a great home.

Have dog, will travel

Note how this swanky animal house is on wheels and has a trailer hitch, so it can easily travel with you from room to room, or anywhere in your backyard. It looks fabulous and is also a fun interior accessory as multifunctional art!

Cat naps in style

So meta! It’s a stylish, geometric kitty crib that has clawing surfaces, sleeping quarters, and perching platform all in one. And it would look so good in any modern home!

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