‘House Party’ Podcast: Which Type of Clutter Rules Your Life? Plus, Polygamy and Real Estate

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There’s no denying that real estate touches all of us, but sometimes we surprise even ourselves with the Venn diagram of housing. The latest example: polygamy and real estate. More specifically, TLC’s “Sister Wives” and real estate. Think selling one house is hard? Try selling four—all at the same time. Join us as we dive into the latest drama with this unusual portfolio.

Then: Should we close the book on open shelving? This divisive decor decision has us split: Natalie loves the look, Rachel hates it, but we agree it’s a difficult aesthetic to achieve without making things look cluttered.

Speaking of which, did you know there are multiple types of clutter? No, we don’t mean papers and clothing (although Marie Kondo is not wrong here). The types of clutter in our lives run emotionally deep—from painful clutter to “sunk-cost fallacy clutter.” Sunk cost what now? Listen to hear us explain, and find out which type is taking over your life. (And don’t feel too bad. See the photo below of Rachel’s recent road trip—all the types of clutter are reigning supreme here.)

Rachel is suffering from all types of clutter.

Rachel Stults

Please, Mr. Postman

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If that made you want to run far, far away (like it did Erik), then we’ve got the perfect solution: an $18 million underground home in Las Vegas. This house is bonkers, y’all. We don’t even have the words … except we do: The subterranean structure is designed to make residents feel as if they’re in a normal home—with a yard, grass, swimming pool, trees, and murals painted to look like landscaping and the horizon beyond.

And yet it’s not ideal for a prepper paradise; in an end-of-the-world scenario, you probably don’t want to be here. Listen to find out why!

Finally, we reveal this week’s celeb real estate winners and losers. It hurts us to announce the loser, but the winner is losing no sleep over his real estate moves.

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