Hippie Decor Is Hot Again—Let the Stars Be Your Guide to Throwback Trends

The Age of Aquarius is so over, but many of the decorative trends of the ’70s, ’80s, and even ’90s are making a comeback. Macrame, anyone?

Nostalgia is a powerful thing—just look at all the excitement over the “Brady Bunch” house and the upcoming HGTV show chronicling its “restoration” to the 1970s glory it never had (the interiors on “The Brady Bunch” were actually shot on a set).

But while we might be fascinated by this transformation on-screen, when it comes to our own homes, we don’t want to just mindlessly slap avocado green and harvest gold onto the walls. So try these retro looks with a modern twist, instead.

And if you want to find out which of these trends you’ll really jibe with, do as the hippies did: Let your astrological sign guide your way. We asked astrologers to find out what the stars say about the best throwback decor trends for your home.

Aries (March 21–April 19): Geometric art

Photo by Caela McKeever 
“Aries is about as big and bold as it gets,” says Suzie Kerr Wright, an astrologer and psychic medium at Astrogirl12.com. “This fire sign is not afraid to stand out in the crowd or live among anything that makes an over-the-top statement.”

As such, Aries signs would love anything reminiscent of the vibrant, retro patterns of the 1970s—think geometric art, rugs, and even wallpaper.

Taurus (April 20–May 20): Rattan furniture

Photo by Benjamin Moore 
Rattan furniture, which had its heyday during the Tiki craze of the mid-20th century, is making a comeback because of its eco-chic qualities. And a Taurus may be the most excited to embrace this reimagined trend, says Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of “Magickal Astrology.”

“Earthy and easy-going Tauruses enjoy a natural look, and want to bring an outdoorsy feeling inside their homes,” Alexander says. “They’re happiest with casual, comfortable furnishings that let them put their feet up and relax.”

Gemini (May 21–June 21): Round couch

Geminis, in particular, probably long for the days of the ’60s and ’70s, when circular, sunken conversation pits provided the ultimate spot to socialize and spill some tea. If that’s the case, Geminis will definitely want to try out a rounded sofa in their 2019 home, Alexander says.

“Sociable Geminis like having their many friends over for lively conversations, and the friendliest shape for that is a circle, which allows everyone to see and exchange ideas with everyone else in the group,” she says. “Of course, the sofa must be comfy, too, so these avid readers can curl up with a good book.”

Cancer (June 22–July 22): Shag rug

Photo by Shelly Chung Design 
Cancers love to be cozy, Alexander says, and that’s why they’ll be happy to throw it back to an era when fluffy shag rugs reigned supreme.

“Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac, and they want their living spaces to be cozy, warm, and comfortable,” she says. “Give them soft fabrics, overstuffed sofas and chairs, and thick shag rugs that they can snuggle into, and they’re happy.”

Leo (July 23–Aug. 22): Brass or gold accents

Photo by Forte Interiors, Design, Build 
If you pay attention to home decor trends, you know that brass—yes, that gaudy stuff from the 1980s—is making a comeback in a big way. Of course, today’s brass isn’t your mama’s metal; it’s chic and sophisticated—and perfect for a Leo.

“Leo is the sign of royalty, so people born under this sign are naturally drawn to rich-looking decor that’s fit for a king or queen,” Alexander says. “With lots of shiny brass or gold accents, sumptuous fabrics, and dramatic furniture, they can turn their living spaces into throne rooms.”

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Macrame

Photo by An Aesthetic Pursuit 
Macrame, the woven decor staple that stole the hearts of free spirits in the 1970s, is having a modern-day resurgence. And artsy Virgos are most likely to get in on the action, Wright predicts.

“Virgos appreciate intricate details and handmade items,” she says. “They will search and search for just the right piece, the same way they mine for information in other parts of their lives. They wouldn’t have a lot of clutter, but a statement piece they can talk about is just perfect.”

Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Terrazzo

Photo by Diespeker Terrazzo & Marble 

Colorful terrazzo, which has been used for centuries in office buildings and schools, never had much of a place in residential interiors—until now. And that’s good news for Libras, who are most likely to lust after quality materials like terrazzo, Alexander says.

“Libras have a keen eye for quality and appreciate the finer things in life,” she says. “They want the real deal and won’t settle for knockoffs. These classy people also have an innate sense of balance and know how to combine colors, textures, and styles to create a tasteful and harmonious environment.”

Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Grass cloth

Photo by Elms Interior Design
Grass cloth—the handwoven wallpaper that was all the rage in the ’60s and ’70s—is re-emerging on our walls, coffee tables, benches, mirror frames, and more. And Scorpios are loving it.

“Scorpios don’t follow the crowd; they trust their own tastes and instincts,” Alexander says. “Unlike Aries and Leos, they don’t usually make flashy statements with their decor, but they do try things that other people might shy away from––including retro looks like grass cloth wall coverings or maroon tile in the bathroom.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Disco ball

Photo by Anik Pearson Architect, P.C. 
A Sag is always ready to party like it’s 1979!

“A Sagittarius loves to dance, and nobody had more fun during the disco era than these folks,” Alexander says. “Like all fire-sign people, they like their decor to include a bit of glitz and whimsy, so a disco ball is perfect. Add a pool table and a pinball machine, and let the good times roll.”

Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Antique plates and cups

Photo by Barbara Stock Interior Design 
You’re not likely to find Capricorns shopping at a big-box store for their home decor. Instead, they’re more likely digging through antiques shops or Grandma’s house for treasures.

“Capricorns are traditionalists who value the past and things that have stood the test of time,” Alexander says. “They appreciate fine craftsmanship from earlier periods and like to fill their homes with antiques and vintage treasures, including old porcelain, silver accessories, and Persian carpets.”

Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Colorful kitchen appliances

An Aquarius is sure to love a kitchen that throws back to the colorful looks of the ’50s and ’60s—complete with a fire engine–red refrigerator or baby-blue oven that stands out, Wright says.

“Electric Aquarians love the element of surprise, and fun pops of color throughout their homes would make them happy,” she says. “They do have a tendency to like to blend the old and new, and love technology. This fits their eccentric and unpredictable personalities.”

Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20): Stained-glass windows

Photo by Tyner Construction Co Inc 
“Romantic and idealistic Pisceans want to surround themselves with beauty that reflects a dreamlike quality,” Alexander says. “Their ideal home comes straight out of a fairy tale, with stained-glass windows, decoratively carved woodwork, puffy eiderdowns, and torchieres.”

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