DIY Backyard Projects That Will Make Your Parties a Hit With Guests

Fire Up the Grill and Reinvent Your Backyard Just in Time for Summer

With the spring weather in full swing and barbecue season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about DIY projects for your backyard. Whether you just want to spruce up some of last year’s projects or undertake a full-on DIY backyard transformation, mid-May is the perfect time to get to work.

Turn your backyard into a fun, functional entertainment space for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy all year round. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to squeeze in some backyard maintenance before the temperatures really start to rise. Once you’re satisfied with your backyard improvements, show off your fresh yard with a gathering of friends and family.

backyard party ideas

1) Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect backyard feature to bring people together over hotdogs, s’mores, or just a warm community-inspiring centerpiece. Before you build your fire pit, be sure to check in with the codes in your neighborhood. Choose a level location that steers clear of overhanging trees and bushes.

HGTV recommends building a sturdy fire pit with concrete wall stones, cap stones, and sand. Make or buy benches so you can party guests can sit and converse around the glowing fire pit.

2) Hanging Lights

Good lighting is a key ingredient for hosting a successful party—and also an important aspect of a summer-friendly backyard. Cafe lights or fairy lights will give your backyard a magical glowy feel throughout the spring and summer seasons.

You can hang strings of lights through your backyard regardless of whether you have trees or other structures to hang them on. You can use cement or wooden poles staked into planters to string your lights. Make your backyard even more incandescent by weaving strings of lights through your garden or planters to light up your plants, even at night.

backyard party ideas

3) Easy Outdoor Seating

Seating that inspires conversation is an absolute must when it comes to backyard entertainment. Design your seating so that it centers around a focal point, like an outdoor coffee table or your fire pit. If you’re looking to work on a big project, you can construct your own wooden chair and couch set, like this one from Her Tool Belt.

If you aren’t looking for something quite so labor intensive, you can try refurbishing vintage lawn chairs with paint, creating a pallet swing like this one from Home Edit, or weaving a homemade macrame and metal chair, like this one from DIY Projects.

4) DIY Backyard Entertainment

For the ultimate backyard entertainment, install a projection screen that will allow you to host screening parties right from the comfort of your yard. You can build your own screen by tying a white screen up in the same way that you build poles to hang string lights from; HGTV recommends using a PVC pipe to make your screen sturdy and straight. Install a speaker system to make your backyard feel like a real movie theater.

For more hands-on backyard fun, you can install a DIY game to entertain the family and party guests. Apartment Therapy’s recipe for outdoor bowling is a super fun way to get people active and having a blast in the backyard. You can also create a game of cornhole using pallets and homemade cornhole bags. HGTV’s version of this project disassembles the pallets first in order to achieve a smooth throwing surface.

backyard party ideas

5) Grill Station

Once you have the backyard seating, lighting, and entertainment sorted out, the last thing you’ll need for the ultimate outdoor entertainment zone is a stellar grilling station. Spruce up the grill you already have by building counters around it so that you can prep your burgers and kebabs right where the action is happening. You can also build a stand for your cooler so that you always have an ice cold beverage on hand.

Check out our post on unique bbq party recipes and ideas to kick your backyard summer bash up a notch.

Let Your Backyard Be an Extra Room in Your House This Summer

When you use it to its full potential, your backyard can become a prime entertainment space to host a rockin’ party and spend quality time with friends and family. Enjoy the great outdoors while making memories and having a blast with these backyard DIY projects for parties.

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