Dining-Room Decor Fails So Bad They’ll Give You Indigestion

The dining room is the place where we come together to break bread, celebrate special occasions, and make delicious memories … at least, most of the time. Sometimes, however, our design efforts can misfire, turning them into indigestion-inducing nightmares.

So whether you’re looking for a short list of ways you shouldn’t festoon your dining room, or if you want to see just how far some homeowners’ taste can fall short of the mark, scroll through and take a look at these dining-room fails, which need to be served with a permanent side of antacid.

1. Use caution when mixing patterns and colors

A little mixing and matching can be a good move, but the dining room below is so over the top that diners may lose their lunch—and dinner too. The decor is making so many (conflicting) statements at once, it’s become the goulash of dining rooms.

Commenter marblenvi dubbed it “Ugly, in the round.” Can’t say we disagree.

2. Animal heads aren’t all that appetizing

Oh, deer dear! Quite apart from the unsettling experience of having animals staring you down as you eat, there’s a whole lot else going on in this room. Commenter promulgate54 described it as “peculiar, institutional and bomb-proof. Ugly in a special way.” Special, indeed.


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3. Choose window treatments wisely

Curtains can transform a room and make a big point. Sometimes, however, the ultimate question is: “WTH?” 

4. Don’t go crazy with the open concept trend

There’s open concept, and then there’s way too open concept.

5. We know Chip and Joanna Gaines are hot, but…

Clearly, these people are fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines. But let’s just say their choices have taken modern farmhouse style just a tad too far.

6. Choose themes carefully

“Beetlejuice”? “Game of Thrones”? We’re not quite sure, but the lesson is clear: If you don’t choose your theme carefully, a theme may choose you.

7. Tame down the animal prints

Again with the animals. And we get it, the animal-print trend is hot, but it’s more of a hot mess here when the print is still on the animals.

8. A dining-room island? Not sure that’s a good idea

Islands in the…? This poor island looks as if it belonged in the kitchen but was plopped down instead in what appears to be the dining room. We’re confused at best.

9. Hot dinner and hot tubs aren’t a great mix

Even if your dinner-party guests do end up in the hot tub together, that doesn’t mean these two amenities should be located right next to each other.

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Showing Feedback: “Make sure to tell the seller that we appreciated the open layout, selection of quality tile, & the large dining room windows. Unfortunately, after Mr. Buyer unexpectedly tripped into a LIVING ROOM BATHTUB, they quickly determined that the house wouldn’t work for them because it ‘didn’t offer the privacy that they ideally wanted.’ Buyers also said that the thought of eating as a family WHILE BEING FORCED to listen & watch someone else take a bath would be ‘a horrendous experience so hideous, so mortifying, & so absolutely appalling’ that they’d ‘rather die a slow and painful death chocking on a piece of grapefruit.’ This house truly brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘dinner theatre.’ It might just be my opinion, but I’d recommend moving the washtub into a more private area, away from the dining room, where people are less likely to want to choke themselves on grapefruits.” #designfails #showercurtains #grapefruit #interiordesignfails #designfail #showingfeedback #realestate #showings #realestateagent #dinnertheatre #stop #seriously #badsounds #dontvisualizethat #nograpefruits #cringe #privacy #noprivacy #distractingdinner

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10. Dining in the basement? Dunno about that

Creative use of space is great, but getting too creative can get downright creepy.

So, take a look at your dining room, and see what vibe you may be unwittingly serving up. The good news is that it’s probably nowhere as bad as these. And if it is, please send us a pic!

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