California Governor Gavin Newsom Selling His Marin County Home

The Governor’s (Newly) Empty Nest

Many of us have been there – we think of it as a fantastic opportunity. You get a new job, a potentially temporary job, and it’s somewhat close to where you call home. But, it’s not quite close enough to commute. So, what do you do? Rent an apartment near work and commute home on the weekends? Buy a new home near work and rent out your home until you can return? Or, do you do what California’s new Governor is doing, and sell your home so you can relocate?

Gavin Newsom, California’s freshly minted governor, has picked up stakes and moved his family to the state capital, Sacramento. Their former home, a lovely two-story, remodeled mid-century modern in the Marin County community of Kentfield, has just been listed for a touch below six million dollars. Newsom and his wife, the documentary filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, bought the place back in 2011 for just two and a quarter million.

So, if the right buyer steps up and offers the asking price, the couple stands to net a healthy profit after eight years in the home. Let’s take a tour and see what a cool six million gets you in Marin County these days.

The Governor’s Old Home

The new Governor’s old house is a gorgeous five-bedroom, six-bath home with more than four thousand square feet of total interior living space. The home was designed by celebrated Bay Area architect Worley K. Wong and remodeled in the recent past by another architectural luminary of Northern California, Julie Dowling.

The total effect of the original architecture and the makeover the home has undergone is nothing short of remarkable. The home already had clean lines, walls of glass, and plenty of empty spaces to work with. Now, it also has a host of contemporary finishing touches, grounded in beautiful materials and finishes that catch and carry the eye through the home. It is truly a work of art.

The Grounds

The home sits on just over one and a third acres of beautifully maintained grounds. It has fantastic views of both Mt. Tamalpais and the San Francisco Bay, though you may find yourself struggling to look beyond the home and its beautiful environs. Pristine Northern California woodlands surround the manicured lawn, in-ground pool, and several outdoor living areas.

A Hop, Skip, and a Step Below the Governor’s Mansion

The town of Kentfield lies just two miles south of San Rafael on the other side of the North Shore of San Francisco Bay from San Quentin. It is conveniently located near the intersection of Interstate 580 and the 101, so San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland are all within a reasonable (for the Bay Area) commute.

The property is nestled against the edge of the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed and is in prime position for those looking to combine the best of Bay Area living with the ability to quickly get into something approaching wilderness.

The new home that the Newsoms have relocated to Sacramento to inhabit, by contrast, is right in the middle of a sprawling metropolis. And for all its historic charm – it’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and boasts a beautiful facade straight out of a Victorian romance – it’s not really a home that one “lives” in so much as a home that one works in while at the occupation of Governor.

No word yet on whether the Newsom’s will purchase another (presumably less historic) residence while in the State’s Capitol. Better scoop the Marin property up quickly in case they decide to move back!