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Most People Are Not Aware
It is important for every Seller (and Buyer) to know how Realtors operate---as well as the different types of specialists there are.
Most people are not aware of this when they hire a Realtor to accomplish a specific goal for them.

Many Realtors Actually Represent Few Buyers
Many Realtors are primarily "listing Realtors" and actually represent very few, if any Buyers.  Others are primarily "Buyer's Realtors" and do not solely concentrate on getting listings (under a listing contract so they are guaranteed a commission no matter who actually sells the house). Most of the big, well-known real estate franchises teach their agent-trainees "the money is in the listing... get the listing and we are guaranteed of getting a payday". All Brokers--and Realtors know this. 

Rarely Responsible For Actually Selling a Home Themselves
For the obvious economic reasons, most Brokers prefer their Agents to represent Sellers even if they rarely are responsible for actually selling a home themselves.  You will not have to go far to hear listing specialists tout how they "sold" a home (because they listed it and simply waited for another Realtor representing a buyer to actually sell it). In fact, most of the homes sold by Realtors are not actually sold by the agent who listed the home (they concentrate on getting listings--not finding actual buyers) but are sold by a Buyer's Realtor while serving their own client.

The Public Does Not Always Know How the Process Works
Listing Agents and Brokers have built very successful businesses being acutely aware that the pubic does not always know how the selling process actually works.  You see their signs everywhere.  They advertise they "sold" this home...and "sold" that home... when in most cases the home
was actually shown and sold by the Realtor representing the buyer. Unlike Realtors representing actual Buyers, the listing Realtor has a much higher public profile (you see their yard signs and the ads and postcards saying they "sold" it!). They benefit the most from the public's not always accurate perception that they "sell" homes. When considering a Realtor to represent you--ask lots of questions !

Buyer's Realtors are Required to Have a Special Set of Skills
Buyer's Realtors, unlike listing specialists, are required to have a special set of skills. The best Buyer's Realtors
always put the clients interests first--ahead of their own. They must spend a considerable amount of their time investigating the targeted market as well as a particular property's history, background and any unique circumstances.  Buyer's Realtors have to make sure the offer contract is written correctly and legally and that it doesn't leave anything open to alternative interpretation---no ambiguity--to make absolutely certain their client doesn't get any unwanted surprises as the deal goes along the way to closing. A Buyer's Realtor is truly the buyer's advocate.

Does it make sense?
What does this all mean? It is the Buyer's Realtor who points out which homes are best suited to their client's declared needs and which homes the buyers should consider touring that meet their specific needs--not the listing Realtor. Does it make sense to list your home with a Brokerage and Agent that really does work with and has access to actual qualified buyers?  Of course it does---especially if the previous Realtor was a listing specialist and was unable to sell your home at a fair market price before the listing expired.

It Costs You Nothing to Have a Buyer's Realtor Represent You
Does it also make sense to have a true Buyer's Realtor represent your interests if you are buying a home and making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life? Of course it does---especially since it
costs you nothing to have a Buyer's Realtor represent you. If a home buyer is not represented by a Realtor then the listing Realtor gets to keep (by contract) the co-op commission the seller has to pay for your representation. It does not cost the home owner selling the home any less because the Buyer has no Realtor.  Many unsophisticated home buyers think if they go it alone (unrepresented) the seller will take less because they don't have a Realtor.  Not true You are simply "red meat" for the listing Realtor who is legally obligated to look out for the sellers interest. Furthermore, your chances of making a fatal mistake  that you may have to pay dearly for, are very high.  There is a whole lot more to worry about even after the price is agreed to between the buyer and seller and a contract exists.

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